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  • Hong Lei assumes a post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    October 28, Hong Lei became the twenty-fifth Foreign Ministry Spokesperson. After receiving the news, BLCU immediately sent Mr.Hong a congratulatory message stating “We hope you make great contribut...

  • Students of BLCU Traveled to Hebei Province

    A group of advanced level Chinese language students travelled to Hebei for language immersion and practice. The students visited the Jinshanling Great Wall as well as Chengde palaces and temples. The ...

  • “Love to Read, Read Good Books”

    On November 8, "Bookcrossing" BLCU stations were officially launched on the second floor of the library Reading Room.All together, the stations house more than 100 books. From Monday through Friday, d...

  • The BLCU Drama Club Performance of “Che Guevara” Succeeded

    The BLCU international student drama troupe collaborated with Magic Mountain Theatre to stage two consecutive years of the international drama "Che Guevara." This performance serves as a tribute to 50...

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