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The 6th Annual BLCU Micro Film Contest Award Ceremony Ends

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On the evening of May 7,the sixth annual Beijing Language and Culture University micro film contest award ceremony were successfully held in Wu Tong Auditorium.

The work Jia Ren won the “Best Photography Award” with its superb palm mirror skills and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Ren Jian Ci Hua uses skillful editing techniques to fully show the porcelain production process and to win the “Best Editing Award”. The work Ne Zha has successfully won the “Best Visual Effects Award” due to its skillful late computer technology, its striking color matching and magnificent composition design, and it firmly grasped the eyes of the audience, judges, and teachers. The popular work Go to the Forbidden City Together won the “Best Popularity Award” as expected.

In this micro-film competition, the students of BLCU combine culture with art, tradition and contemporary organically to present excellent works in the form of micro-films.